Google Play Music



I’ve made playlists for Google Play Music as a freelancer since 2014, and previously for the same team at Songza from 2011-2014.

(Songza was acquired by Google in 2014, all Songza playlists were transferred to Google Play Music.)

Some of my playlists include:

Below you’ll find links more information about my playlists. If you’d like to get in touch about music curation, you can contact me here.


Some kind tweets I’ve received about the playlists:



Post-Apocalyptic Electronic Wasteland – “Find solace in desolation with this pensive mix of understated melodies and shuffling rhythms.”

Downtempo Instrumentals – “Hypnotic breaks and pensive electronic soundscapes from some of the greatest electronica artists: the perfect soundtrack for reading, working, or just relaxing.”

Wintertime Warmth – “Acoustic, modern indie-folk music ready to warm your winter chills. Works best with a mug of hot chocolate by your side. “

Blissed-Out Beats – “Hypnotic instrumental beats from new artists who blend the funky, sample-based approach of J Dilla with the soothing, electronic flourishes of downtempo producers.”

Psybient – “Also referred to as psychill, psybient is a genre of electronic music heavily influenced by world music and psychedelic sounds. Wherever you are, these songs will take you somewhere else.”

3AM Airport – “Ambient, melancholic trip-hop and IDM that evokes the feeling of being stranded in a large airport late at night.”

Beach Grooves – “A varied mix of smooth downtempo grooves and sunny pop handpicked for sitting by the ocean with a refreshing beverage.”

Walking on Sunshine – “Some songs just have a certain je ne sais quoi; when you hear them you start skipping down a crowded public street. Embarrassing? Absolutely. Will you care? Not likely.”

French Hip Hop – “Since its birth in the Bronx, hip hop has been interpreted in various ways by different cultures around the globe. See what happens when hip hop crosses the pond with this mix of the best French hip hop.”

French Hip Hop: La Deuxième Partie – “The sequel to our original French Hip Hop playlist, this playlist features even more essential cuts from France’s hip hop scene.”

Downtempo Soundscapes – “Drift off to a sublime plane of existence with these beautiful voices and downtempo electronic grooves.”

Keep Dreaming: Morning Downtempo – “This playlist is designed for that perfect moment between consciousness and unconsciousness — when you’re awake but still dreaming — because sometimes a “snooze” should last much longer than nine minutes.”

Electro-swing – “A genre that originated in Eastern Europe, electro-swing combines the classic swing sounds of the 1930s with house and electronic beats. This’ll get your body moving, big daddy.”

Trip Hop – “Trip-Hop began in the mid-1990s when England’s hip hop and house scenes converged to create a unique hybrid of downtempo electronic music.”

Essential Turntablism – “Ever since the early days of hip hop, DJs have been innovative manipulators of turntables. This playlist features highlights of “turntablism,” including expert scratching, beat juggling, phasing, and spinbacking.”

South African Roots & Descendants – “Listen to essential songs that have shaped South African music, from 1950s Zulu-influenced jazz to the traditional a cappella singing of isicathamiya music, and the contemporary songs they have inspired.”